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Deputy Director’s Corner


ddOn behalf of the Government People’s Republic of Bangladesh, I wish to extend a great worm welcome to representatives of the countries participating teaching learning in DD’s website.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the global challenges among other things. We face threats of global slowdown uncertain financial future, as well as the negative fall outs from rapid climate change. On behalf of our citizen the pressing realities that will engage our attention.


I am confident that through our collective efforts of 10 districts of Khulna zone we shall divine maximum benefit from this historic opportunity to transform ours future citizen into a better world. May almighty bless all of us and our nation.

I am sure all this opportunity to exchange ideas will be of benefited to our future society.

I look forward to welcoming and to the opportunity which miss website visit gives us to strengths the strong links that already exist between our office and all of the institutions of this Zone.

Purpose of this website: By this website intend to achieve a better educational institutions and Digital learning world.

  1. Develop statistical information at a glance to prepare future academic plan.
  2. Make the opportunity to get all information’s through online in Khulna Zone and develop a unique system among all secondary level institutions.
  3. Develop a participatory method by online to improve the quality educational in Secondary level.
  4. To create a better opportunity in the field of modern information system.
  5. To make the young learners skilled for the globalization and digital Bangladesh.
  6. To achieve the goal of the institutions and make them a better ones.
  7. To communication and exchange views, ideas and information’s fast and easily.
  8. For better correspondence to other offices and schools.
  9. For better time management through online system.
  10. To develop and transparent management through on line system.
  11. For better co-relation with the education management and implementation on the ground level.

I am looking forward for important massages from all of you which will enrich DD’s website.

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